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Posted by georgiagalaxy - 1 day ago

[Hey! Haven't been here for a while! Life's been a priority :)]

Becoming aware of making social errors - As children with Asperger's mature, and become aware of their mindblindness, their fear of making a social mistake, and their self-criticism when they do so, can lead to social phobia.

Speed and quality of social processing - Because they respond through reasoning and not intuition, AS individuals tend to process social information more slowly than the norm, leading to uncomfortable pauses or delays in response.

People with AS might be seen as egotistical, selfish or uncaring. In most cases, these are unfair labels because affected people are neurologically unable to understand other people's emotional states. They are usually shocked, upset and remorseful when told that their actions are hurtful or inappropriate. It is clear that people with AS do not lack emotions. The concrete nature of emotional attachments they might have (i.e., to objects rather than to people), however, often seems curious or can even be a cause of concern to people who do not share their perspective.

Exceptional and Rare Gift for Humour - The fact that we take things literally is funny. XD!!

Children with AS may show advanced abilities for their age in language, reading, mathematics, spatial skills, or music, sometimes into the 'gifted' range, but these talents may be counterbalanced by appreciable delays in the development of other cognitive functions. Some other typical behaviors are echolalia, the repetition or echoing of verbal utterances made by another person, and palilalia, the repetition of one's own words.

The popularization of the Internet has allowed individuals with AS to communicate with each other in a way that was not possible to do offline due to the rarity and the geographic dispersal of individuals with AS. As a result of increasing ability to connect with one another, a subculture of "Aspies" has formed. Internet sites have made it easier for individuals to connect with each other.

People with AS Want to be Social, but Fail to Socialize Successfully, which can lead to later Withdrawal and Asocial Behavior, especially in Adolescence!

At this stage of life especially, they risk being drawn into unsuitable and inappropriate friendships and social groups. People with AS often get along a lot better with those considerably older or younger than them, rather than those their own age.

All from the Article: Asperger Syndrome - Psychology Wiki - Fandom ♡ https://psychology.fandom.com/wiki/Asperger_syndrome


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 13 days ago


“A Vice when it comes to Productivity,

A Virtue when it comes to Creativity.”

“The Greatest Originals

Are the ones who fail the most,

Cause they’re the ones who try the most.”

“Being Original is Not Easy…

But it’s the best way to improve the world around us.”

[Video] The surprising habits of original thinkers | Adam Grant https://youtu.be/fxbCHn6gE3U

it’s a Great Big World~

Reminding You~

You’re Not Alone~

  • Great Big World - Blues Traveler


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 2 weeks ago

What’s your favourite song from Sonic R? ✨💖


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 2 weeks ago

Anyone like (or dislike!) Seinfeld?

if so, what are your opinions about it? <3

Also, do you like any other sitcoms (Friends, Frasier etc (I like Frasier))?

If so, what do you think of those 😳😳?

I’m curious ;> 👍🏻


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 2 weeks ago

I like when people use "Teh" and type with a "Z" at the end instead of an S...

That sh* is the BOMB

I love early 2000's - late 2010's speech

What are you guys nostalgic about? <33


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 3 weeks ago

What's y'allz favourite foodz? 😋

Also... do ya like Cassette Girl? What do you like about her? :3


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 3 weeks ago

Vid: Homeless guy spits some truth. By Tyler Mann

I meet a lot of good people. I believe there's a lot of good people out there but for the most part, most people only care about themselves.

You could be standing on a corner bleeding and people just drive by you, and they wouldn't want no part of the drama.

And there's be 1 in 10 that might stop and help, y'know.

I'm trying to make the world a more better and beautiful place and if music and art can do it, and if somebody appreciates it, that's all that matters. If I can make a difference in one person's life that's all that matters.

We can all make a negative influence in somebody's life but if we can make a POSITIVE difference in somebody's life and make em just think for a minute maybe there is something worth caring about. 💖


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 1 month ago

VIDEO: Why Are You So Scared of Being Cringe? By Fads

If awkwardness sounds the alarm, cringing is what happens when it goes off.

Melissa Dahl

Every PERSON you interact with creates their own, unique VERSION of you.

...Cringe is Empathy?

You don't find something inherently embarrassing about them, but rather they've violated a Social Norm that you've deemed to be... Necessary in that moment.

Because they have the confidence to break a usually arbitrary social norm.

Contemptuous Cringing: You're empathizing and then... Judging.

Rather than understanding that... Authenticity and Expression are... Good Things.

Even if they can evoke feelings of Discomfort. 💖

Compassionate Cringing: Understanding and acknowledging that plenty of things in life are going to make us feel awkward.

Things that we do and things that other people do.

But... It's how we react to this proverbial alarm being sounded that determines our strength of character. Whether or not we pass a judgement on those immediate, unconscious feelings that we have. 💖💖😎👍🏻

Finding things cringe XD is rarely a reflection of the external world, and far more of a reflection on our own...

• insecurities,

• norms,

• judgements

• and biases.

But ... tackling all of those is a fair bit harder than just declaring everything you don't like to be ""CRINGE.""

So.. maybe we could.. all try being a bit more cringe, and allowing other people to do the same. It can make the world a more AUTHENTIC and nicer place to live, for us and for everyone else. What do you think?

Sweet way to end off a video, this guy's a genius.

Kiss yourself. *smooches you* 👄💖


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 1 month ago

(An amazing person's amazing video: YOU DON'T HAVE TO GROW UP - Fads)

There are things you need to do in life.

You need to eat, drink, sleep, piss and shit.

There are things you DON'T have to do in life.

Get a particular job, have kids, go to university, or GROW UP.

You DON'T HAVE to grow up.

Stick to what you really like, the people you really like, the things you really like, stick to that. Don't doubt too much about it.

Take advantage of now because now is all there is.

Do what you love. Most adults don't like their job, so quit whatever it is you're doing that you don't like and, get a job doing something that you DO like.

If you get a job that you love,

You'll never get another day's work. 


Posted by georgiagalaxy - 1 month ago

(Video! Why It Feels Impossible to Quit Social Media)

In two minutes:

• 700,000 Tweets are made on Twitter.

• A MILLION comments on Facebook.

• Over 1,000 hours of uploads on YouTube.

Infinite Scrolls reward you for doing nothing!!!!

You're not given the chance to ask for more content. You're simply given it. And if you're rewarded for doing nothing, then... you'll do nothing.

People's perception of social media and the outside world can be... a bit lofty.

Fundamentally, you're still the same person, whether or not you have a Facebook account.

Your problems are your problems and they don't VANISH just because your data has.

Two things that are hard:

• Being alone

• Maintaining relationships

On it's own, Social Media can be quite Vapid and Pointless, but if you add a layer of Purpose to it, it can.. Rapidly become... Something that's quite nice.

Intention means using the internet as a Supplement to your life instead of a Substitute.

If you approach tasks with a sense of Intention and Purpose, you'll always be proud of yourself, no matter how well it goes. And what more can you ask for, at the end of the day? ♡